Small Space Garden Design

Small Space Garden Design

I’ve included photos from my own garden in posts from time to time, but I haven’t done a complete virtual tour since my last renovation in 2009. Ready for an update?

The side yard view is still our favorite.

Small Space Garden Design

But the whole garden is shaping up nicely.

small space garden

In January I replaced the original flagstone stepping stone and gravel path with flagstone set in DG. Although it’s not as artistic as the original (I mixed three different sizes of gravel and hand-set the largest), it IS much easier to keep free of debris. Placing high-maintenance hardscape under messy trees is a rookie mistake that I would never make with a client, but somehow my better judgment occasionally goes missing in my own garden.

small space garden

I’ve continued to introduce bright splashes of color throughout the yard, both by adding colored panels and more containers. I still take a fearless approach to color, but admit to swapping out the original Purple Riot wall for a more subdued shade of acid green.

small space garden


small space garden

Five years ago I had three containers…today I counted 23. I might have been late to the container gardening craze, but I’m catching up with a vengeance. Succulents are my go to choice for spots not reached by drip, and as an added conservation bonus, the amount of excess shower water we collect in a week is more than enough to water all of them with.

small space garden

small space garden

small space garden



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